TOBIAS BELKER toured for many years as a drummer with N.O.H.A. (Tu Café) and various other bands. He has gone on to expand his repertoire to include many other instruments one of which is his voice.
BELKER loves music with depth and soul – in all it’s forms – and the voices in his head feel the same way!

Although his style is not set in stone, there is an unmistakable handprint which flows through his songs.
In his compositions he combines acoustic and electronic elements in his very own style which can often
be surprising and unexpected. As he also produces his own songs, what you get is 100% pure BELKER
without a third party having messed around with it. However, he is open to inspiring
collaborations and loves to work with different singers and musicians too.

Although his current singles, STRAY DOG and FALLING, could be loosely classified as guitar pop, the next one could
just as easily be 70s soul or drum ’n‘ bass influenced – one thing’s certain, the BELKER handprint will be there!